A routine website health check-up is essential.

Once your site is launched, the bigger job still lies ahead to keep it updated and maintained. Websites must continually evolve to meet the increasing demands of your target market, as well as reflect the latest design trends, software updates or progressing technologies. If you neglect your website, however, it likely will yield little benefit or return on your money. And if leveraged properly, your website can be a great tool and resource to establish your credibility, track buyer behavior, generate sales leads, nurture relationships, increase engagement and much, much more.

Reviewing your website may seem like a daunting task, but you may discover better ways to organize your information, improve the overall experience and usability of your site which will lead to increase traffic and sales conversions. Even the smallest incremental change can make a big impact and greatly improve your site’s performance. We’ve put together a simple 12-point checklist that you could complete in about a minute that will give you a good idea if it’s time for a refresh.

Happy Reviewing!