Sauté Creative Launches Blog

Fancy meeting you here.

Now, let’s start off by introducing ourselves. We are Sauté Creative – a collective of creative people who have a passion for designing, creating, learning and inspiring. In the spirit of the year of the snake, we are shedding our skin, embracing new opportunities and opening our doors for business. And with that in mind, we are so excited to announce the official launch of our blog and website. Please get comfortable…stay awhile. And we invite you to take a look around and check us out.

In the creation of Sauté Creative, we knew exactly who and what we wanted to be (and not be) and had four simple goals in mind:

Plan, create and implement.

We are passionate about everything marketing; not just the ideas of marketing. We roll up our sleeves and work with our clients towards a common goal. We’re not interested in talking at you and telling you things you should be doing… but will never get around to.

Create a collective of dedicated specialists.

Each member brings fresh perspective and unique strengths (and weaknesses); thus, allowing each member to focus on the things they love and things they do best. No “jack of all trades” allowed.

Provide budget-friendly full-service marketing.

We designed mix and match packages as well as a la carte projects for any budget while providing the value of an entire marketing team (graphic designer, digital marketing specialist, social media coordinator, marketing director, project manager). Can you guess how much that costs to staff?

Create sustainable marketing strategies.

We design strategies to work with you and for you — not against you. We see ourselves as more than just a support team for the short-term, we want to give you the tools to succeed in the long-term.

We believe in sharing, empowering and inspiring others.In addition, we believe in sharing, empowering and inspiring others. There are no secret ingredients here. We’re happy to share our tips and tricks and we think this blog is a perfect medium to do so. Sign up for our blog and we’ll send you marketing goodies delivered straight to your inbox:

  • Marketing tips, best practices and strategies
  • Video tutorials
  • Updates on marketing trends
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  • A few of our favorite things

Thanks for checking us out! Stop by again soon.

Yours truly,

Team Sauté Creative