When I think of craftsmanship, imagery of artisans carving wood with tools made of metal come to mind. This is so distinctly different than my hours spent in front of a computer screen that most days I don’t feel like a craftsman, and I bet that’s true for many of you. But the reality is, we all “create” and “make”, and practice our craft every day. It’s imperative that we embrace the innovation and excitement that comes from questioning the norm, discovering what doesn’t work, and celebrating thinking-different. I encourage you to watch at least two of the following videos to reconnect you with your innate ability to make – something new, something better, something different.

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Gever Tulley: Life Lessons Through Tinkering

“Problems become puzzles, and obstacles disappear.”

Yves Behar: Designing Objects That Tell Stories

“As designers, we really need to think about how we can create a different relationship between our work and the world.”

Dale Dougherty: We are makers

“Makers are a source of innovation.”

Rory Sutherland: Sweat the Small Stuff

“If you actually want people to remember you and to appreciate what you do, the most potent things are actually very, very small.”